Tampa Bay, Florida, United States

Saturday February 18th, 2017

At our 2017 event, the spotlight will be on our local non-profit partner, Chart 411. They are a local environmental organization that seeks to educate people about the importance of living more sustainable lives.

Their vision is to make nature, outdoor adventure and environmental education accessible to everyone. 

We will start our day with a moderated discussion with two local IA professionals who will educate us on what IA is and how they use it in their daily lives. We will hear stories from the field, challenges that have been faced and overcome, and victories won.

Then we will hear a wonderful talk around the history and importance if information architecture from a local Architect.

The day gets even more exciting when we hear from our local non-profit and we put our collective heads together to identify a potential information architecture problem and brainstorm ideas using the skills and talents we exercise in our daily work lives to help our local community.

Join us for an amazing day of learning and growing as individuals and a community.

For more information email us, check out or local website, or visit our registration page.


560 Carillon Pkwy, St. Petersburg, FL 33716


As you enter the location, there will be a security gate. Use the intercom system to let the security desk know you are there to attend World IA Day. Each registered participant's name will be on a list and they will let you through the gate. Once in the parking lot, follow signs to the main entrance and find the welcome table.

Program Schedule
8:30AM - 5:30PM
Local Connections. Global Impact.
Speakers & Presenters
Tom Szumlic Profile Picture
Tom Szumlic
Owner / Director

My interest in Information Architecture comes from the efficacy of strategy and structure in its ability to improve quality of life. The prospect of participating in World IA Day 2017 with the local and global community of likeminded advocates is simply exciting. I look forward to seeing everyone on 2.18.17!

Amy Espinosa Profile Picture
Amy Espinosa
Principal Consultant, IA/UX
Dots & Cubes

Driven by her passion to learn, share and grow the practice of information architecture in her community, Amy brought World IA Day to Tampa Bay in 2015. She is the Global Executive Producer for World IA Day 2017 and is honored to serve teams around the world who bring this celebration to their community. In her professional life, Amy founded Dots & Cubes, a Tampa-based consulting firm specializing in information architecture and user experience design.

Seth Jacobs Profile Picture
Seth Jacobs
Design Leader & Evangelist

A passionate advocate for user-centered design, Seth has been leading user experience projects, directing teams and guiding professionals in their career development for over 12 years. He was a speaker at World IA Day Tampa in 2015 where he gave a talk on Human Behavior in Information Architecture. He currently serves as UX Architect at Accusoft where he leads design for their new SaaS technologies and other product suites.

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